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style: pinks and gray

I’m so daring with my different shades of pinks. My husband bought me the coffee bean/red berry necklace I’m wearing, while we were on our cruise. He haggled the price from $20 to $5 (which still felt like too much) and I counted it as an early Valentine’s gift.

top: Target
skirt: Anthropologie
blazer: H & M, thrifted
shoes: DSW
necklace: purchased on our cruise, in Labadee, Haiti 

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Day 14: Copycat

kendi copy

This is a seasonally modified copycat outfit. i knew I wanted to wear my gingham shirt, and that Kendi has posted lots of fun outfits featuring her blue gingham, so I pinterested (yes, it’s a verb now) her and loved this combination.

Day 13: Copycat 

But she had worn in it the fall with tights and boots. (see Kendi’s original post) So I slipped on my sexy suede heels and called it a [hot, summer] day. 


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