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21 Day Challenge: Day 1

Reminder: I’m participating in Freckles in April’s 21 day style challenge. We’re given a prompt and then wear our interpretation of it the following day.

Day 1: Something to Remix

Day 1

I just picked up these Drew Safari trousers at The Limited for a whopping $8. (sadly, no longer available) and this was a real step-out-of-the-box moment for me. They got the eyebrow raise from E.

Day 1

And I’m proud that I have my first piece that might allow me to be considered a Man Repeller. So trendy.

Day 1

Anyway, this is the item I chose to remix three or four times within the challenge, because I want to figure out how to wear them a few different ways (like a legit fashion blogger - as a scarf or something.)


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