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For some reason, I have this terrible habit of buying poorly fitting pants. Chinos, dress pants, trousers (I generally do ok with jeans). Here is yet another example - these brown gap pants are slightly too short, awkwardly straight leg and are being held together by a safety pin because my butt is too big. So instead of getting rid of them, I wore a longer tank and boyfriend cardigan

pants: Gap
top: Old Navy
sweater: F21
flats: Blowfish from Nordstrom
cowl scarf: handmade 

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I guess I should have contrasted my neutral outfit with a more colorful background.


I also have realized that I cannot pull off a straight face for these photos. I look weird doing anything but smiling. But smiling in every pic feels boring.

What is going on with my hand here? Someone please come save me from myself.

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