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Curly (short) hair - Success!

curled short hair

top: Kohls
shorts: The Limited
Brogues: Steve Madden
leaf necklace: Pink Zone boutique 

So, I gave it a shot. With a 30-year-old curling iron that was way too small. But I think the curls still came out alright. I liked it enough so that I spent $15 at Target on a real curling iron to try this again to wear in public. (You can find the tutorial I used at The Glamorai)

Here’s the before and in process: curling short hair

and the after! curled short hair

curled short hair

don’t mind me, just falling off a stump.

curled short hair

The sweet girly ‘do begged for a collared shirt and my oxfords, so I obliged. Husband deemed it cute (if not a little silly that I spend 45 minutes in the bathroom) and it was the perfect labor-less day. How ‘bout you?

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