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Pink Blush Maternity review (28 and 34 weeks)

This post is very late in coming, but in some ways that’s better for you guys  - because I have gotten in another month of wearing this top and can give a better review of it!

[28 weeks]

Pink Blush Maternity reached out to me earlier in the summer to see if I wanted to review an item from their collection. I don’t make a habit of doing product reviews or advertising, but the maternity wear world is small and this pregnant lady was desperate for flattering and colorful maternity styles!

The overwhelming part was going through their HUNDREDS of items to pick something, because I could have easily picked two dozen.

I landed on a stretchy chevron t-shirt that would last me all summer in my casual work office, but also work on the weekends. Tops have been the hardest for me to find - most of the maternity tops and tanks are very basic and very bland.

The size small fit a little big at first (and now, at 37 weeks, it fits perfectly). Small is my pre-pregnancy size, so for this piece, I would order your original size, not a size up for maternity wear.

However, I have since placed an order of my own with Pink Blush and found there to be a little bit of variation in sizing. The stretchy tops and tanks are true to size, but some of the more fitted items and tunics I found to run a little bit small. Thankfully, Pink Blush Maternity has a free return policy!

The quality is good. Not amazing, but for the price and the selection, it is worth it! They run frequent sales and I have seen their products on Zulily as well. I wear this shirt 1-2 times a week for the past two months and while it is slightly faded, it is still holding up well. Maternity wear is weird because you wear it a TON for a few months and then pack it away or hand it off to a friend. But for me, having some fun pieces in the mix of my good basics from ASOS, Old Navy and Gap, was SO worth it!

Any questions? Let me know! 

Thanks to Pink Blush Maternity for letting me try out your clothes!

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Maternity Mondays: squeezing into non-maternity tops at 25 weeks


This blouse from Sheinside always hung nice and loose and looked great under pencil skirts, but I can still squeeze into at 25 weeks! It’s not stretchy so I probably will only get one or two more weeks of wear, but any length of time I get out of my “normal” clothes I cherish, because so few things fit me right now.

I’m still having a really hard time getting used to the repeat outfits that come with a limited maternity wardrobe, and I’m struggling to get used to this growing belly. The body changes are just about the only thing that seems to happening quickly these days (I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever!) and I can hardly keep up.

But I am also realizing that I can survive and thrive with a much smaller wardrobe.

And I will! 




Top: Sheinside
Maternity Jeggings: Oh! Mamma via Zulily (these things were cheap and totally give me saggy butt after one wear, but are SO comfy!)
Sandals: Report ‘Felecia’

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jeans and a white tee, maternity style: 24 weeks


When the morning closet struggle is real, pick out the simplest outfit you can think of: a white t, colored jeans and comfy sandals. Also, pretend you can’t see the red panel of the maternity jeans through the white t all day. and maybe get a hair cut!

(Okay, I’m a little bit of a hot mess)




Jeans: Bo0b Design via Zulily (Highly recommend this brand - it’s Swedish!)
White T-shirt: Gap’s essential tee
Sandals: Trinity via My Habit
Necklace: Oh Pioneer Antler Necklace by Silver Pencils Home 

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21 weeks and a goodbye to pencil skirts

It was after wearing my favorite j.crew pencil skirt and being uncomfortable all day that I finally came to terms with the fact that I’ve moved beyond stretching most of my normal wardrobe over my new and changing body, even with the bella band! So after I changed into stretchy pants and a tank top, I hauled out an empty plastic storage bin and pretty much dumped my closet into it.

A few cry sessions (and “Will I ever wear you again?” laments) later and I had a much more well-fitting and helpful closet to work with. All the more room for cute maternity clothes, like this drapey top from Bo0b Maternity (a Swedish company I found on Zulily a few months back)

But they can’t take away my heels. I don’t care how much my coworkers laugh at me, my ankles are still ankles (for now!) and I’m going to show them off while I can.

Top: Bo0b Design maternity via Zulily
Skirt: J.Crew No. 2 pencil skirt (similar)
Pumps: Cole Haan (similar)
Necklace: great grandma’s

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First Trimester Style: 13 weeks


It’s funny to look at these pictures because as of today, I’m wearing the same dress, but I’m seven weeks bigger! I remember thinking how obviously pregnant I looked at the time (just because I was bigger than usual), but now it’s kind of laughable I felt comfortable enough to belt that dress and show off the “bump”!


At any rate, 13ish weeks was when I started being comfortable not hiding my belly any more. This dress is non-maternity from Old Navy. I sized up when I bought it and I think it will last for a few more weeks of my pregnancy, hurray! (And I cannot button that chambray shirt any more!)

Chambray shirt: Dockers
Dress: Old Navy (similar)
Belt: Emerson Fry (on sale for $25!)
Boots: 'Lindsay Plate' by Frye

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First Trimester Style: 10 weeks, dress and leggings


I’ve never been much of a tunic and leggings girl, but I’m starting to understand why it’s such a classic maternity look.As the bump gets bigger, dresses turn into tunics and leggings are SO comfortable.

This dress from Old Navy is loose and I usually belt it, but to keep the illusion of my waistline, I left it as is and hoped it didn’t look too shapeless.



Dress: Old Navy (similar)
Leggings: Target (similar)
flats: Kohls (similar)
necklace: Target

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