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Vintage Anne Klein

I snagged this dress on a thrifting trip last summer and finally we had a day that got chilly enough (in the 60’s) that I could get away with wearing it! (I know, gag, I’m sorry for all of you who don’t live in San Diego)

I love this dress and these photos because it reminds me that three or four years ago I would have never had the guts to wear something so vintage or so clingy.

My fashion journey has been a slow process of discovery and self-confidence as I figure out how to express myself in my personal style.

dress: thrifted, anne klein
shoes: H&M
necklace: t&j designs (similar here and here)
bag: Kate Space (Christmas gift!)

p.s. stay tuned for Latte Loves (or hates!) Maternity Style: a new series coming up for the next 6+ months!

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Black and White; Patterns and Texture

I was finally brave enough to place to an order to after seeing it featured on a bunch of fashion blogs. I need to write a separate review of the site, because i found it SO hard and confusing to get good reviews or feedback on items on the site itself (bottom line: tops and dresses = yes, sweaters = no)

Have you guys had experience with sheinside? What are your thoughts?

I wore this to church (uh, a few months ago now) and I got compliments about how brave and fashion forward I am, which always crack me up. The brave part for me was the four inch heels. They only lasted about 3 hours.

Top: sheinside (and I paid with my own money!)
pants: Gap
pumps: Target
bracelets: hand-me-downs from a friend

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New glasses and a leather skirt

Well, I joined the Warby Parker bandwagon and realized they’re popular for a reason. Great customer service and the trial program is brilliant.

Thanks to my Instagram followers so much for helping me pick them out! I hadn’t upgraded since high school so not only was my prescription out of date, the look was not doing anything for me.

Sorry to be the nerdy blogger wearing glasses like a fashion statement, but I promise, I really do need them.

plaid shirt: J.Crew Factory (sold out. similar)
Leather skirt: Regina’s Clothing (a friend’s local boutique)
tights: Target (similar)
Boots: DSW (similar from Mod Cloth)
Glasses: Linwood in Violet Magnolia from Warby Parker

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casual Friday blues

This obnoxious bib necklace always gets compliments like “wow, that is such a pretty necklace, I could never pull it off”

Does that mean people think I am brave, fashion forward, or just straight crazy?

Gingham: Banana Republic Outlet (similar)
Blazer: Gap (similar color, same style)
Jeans: Diva from Old Navy (SO much better than Rockstars)
Flats: Rocket Dog
Necklace: (similar on EBay, similar on Etsy)

Other than the flats, none of the links are affiliates. I just share out of the kindness of my heart. You’re welcome.

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olive and cobalt


In Southern California, September is mid-summer, so it was plenty sun-shiney when I took these photos - excuse the squinting.

I have gotten out of the habit of take photos, but I have a few from the archives to share. It’s been much easier lately to take an outfit photo in the bathroom mirror at work.

I adore this pencil skirt I snagged for $6. I’m beginning to realize that  vintage skirts tend to fit much better on me. J.Crew’s #2 pencil skirt just isn’t slim enough at the waist.


Skirt is vintage Nordstrom - found at a thrift store in Palm Springs
Ruffle tank and olive ‘Jackie’ cardigan are J.Crew
Sandals are Sam Edelman - end of season sale at Nordsrom Rack


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Hi friends! I’m here, no promises for how long. I lost the last three months of outfit photos when our house was robbed, so I will have to start all over! Which is great, because I’ve started to lack inspiration lately, and I’m getting ready for a big Europe trip (yay!!)

Here’s a sunny winter day outfit from a couple months back. 



maxi dress: Old Navy, thrifted
button-up: Kohls
belt: Target (came with this black dress)
wedges: J.Crew (exactly)
scarf: hand-made by me!

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Wore a purple cardigan, necklace and shoes today, in honor of Sandy Hook shooting victim, Lauren Rousseau. Thinking of you, @emilyjwiley!

Wore a purple cardigan, necklace and shoes today, in honor of Sandy Hook shooting victim, Lauren Rousseau. Thinking of you, @emilyjwiley!